Sm@rt Manager

Sm@rt Manager

LPStech offers a PaaS (Platform as a Service) suite capable of monitoring, analyzing and managing energy consumption in detail, in addition to other environmental variables, and act according to the analysis of the collected data.

The platform provides a comprehensive view of the state of the sites through a cloud service.


Environmental Surveillance

An exhaustive monitoring of environmental parameters can be done using wind, barometric, humidity, temperature, light and other sensors..


Using infra-red, ultrasonic, magnetic, etc. sensors, it’s possible to deploy a complete and accurate equipment capable to measure distances, noise, volumes, etc.


Using water, proximity, contact, gas, radiation, etc. sensors, it’s possible to get an alert about any kind of disruption in the environment.


Thanks to the huge connections possibilities, it’s possible to set up a video surveillance system with remote access control.


Combining previously described solutions, it’s possible to deploy a telemetry and control system, having the access to all sampled data and all controls from an intuitive WEB


Using relay systems, a control on equipment can be achieved. For example, remotely switching on the conditioner or, if combining with presence detector, switching on the light and get an alert when someone approaches to a door.